Thursday, June 14, 2012

the first time my clothing has ever been CGI'd... awesome!

let me just start by saying, 
my friends are not only awesome, but 
insanely talented.
alexander asked me if i might be into doing some costume work on a
video that he was shooting, and so i obviously jumped on the chance. 
here is what happened.

"TRIBE" - feat. Twin Trip from Alexander Evan Morales on Vimeo.

from the earlier.

designing clothing is a lot of fun, but actually seeing it come to life beyond your wildest dreams is, well...  un-real.
i have always found myself in awe of dancers.  there effortless approach to calculating every movement in their bodies and executing it with a level of grace that i will most likely never achieve is a true thing of beauty.
the following is a video, entitled "from the earlier", the brain child of the yomoco, is a dark and twisted journey that captures in my mind, what is the mystery of conception.  please enjoy!