Saturday, November 27, 2010

eva done come.

i also want to thank my truly amazing friends for coming out to support and shop and drink and love on black friday at eva.  

defining style with style defined.

i just have to say (and feel the need to do this because, well katya had a little intro too) styledefined is one of the few blogs that i actually check out on the regular.  it is rare to find a fashion blog that is NY based that doesn't take the usual approach and chase around the girls in the latest chloe' shoes with the newest marc jacobs purse.  no no, katya actually challenges herself, and her reader by offering up real fashion...  from the streets to the runways...  
so new york.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

come to EVA if you want to be cool!

i want to thank all of the amazing people that have been not only following the brand, but also those who have been so vital in getting it out there to the people!
brian stanziale. is now carried in one of the chicest stores in the little isle of manhattan...  EVA 
and in addition to being so amazing as to carry us, they are hosting a selling event/cocktail party on black friday (for those of you like me who don't know what that is, it's the day after thanksgiving)
come and shop, come and don't shop, come say hi, come drink... whatever, just come!

Monday, November 8, 2010

m - a - k - e - m - e - l- o - v - e - y - o - u

again and again...

what a great day.  i asked my friend emily if she might be up for helping me make a little video,  i don't know, help me with a few pointers and what not (all while secretly hoping in the back of my head that she would want to take over, and make some magic...)
thank god she said yes!

lola week on the blog...

what a wonderful night.  lola was asked by her friend adrian to spin at this thing he was hosting for dkny in soho, and so she asked me for a dress.  i had like five other things in mind for her, but she saw this red little number, and with ape over it...  i think it worked.  i can remember my friend isa commenting to me how red was a color that few could carry, but lola was one of the chosen.  agreed!