Tuesday, August 31, 2010

blades and studs and legs oh my

brian stanziale ysl studded skirt (thanks mathew for all the help!)
model : emily monen
foto : weston ulfig

zsa zsa is the sound of the wheels...

i would like to take a second and thank my dear friends weston ulfig and emily monen for fully introducing me to the world of two wheel living.  my daily walk to and fro from brooklyn to manhattan has been drastically cut, by at lease a quarter by gift of wheels!  i now realize that once mobile on this lever, there is just no going back!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

die nasty.

i just started watching dynasty online, and must say, that even though i am only a few episodes into season one, it is really suprising to me that joan collins has taken the cake as the fashion icon of the 80's. that having been said, her character has yet to be introduced into the series, so i am sure in a week or so, i will have more to say on her.  alas, miss fallon carrington, daughter of oil tycoon blake carrington, is not only quite the looker, but a snazzy dresser as well.  from what i know of mizz collins look, it shouts 80's from the highest point in the city, but fallon, well, talk about ahead of her time.  here are just a few images from season 1.  more to come!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i want teeth like lauren hutton

i had the first installment of my very first root canal yesterday.  quite exciting (a pleasure i am sure only to be surpassed when i make my way back to the dentist for part deux)!  who knew that dental work could be so damn expensive?  it really makes you think...  might it just be worth riding the whole think out on a wave of pain killers, and cushioning the overflow of pain with a nice pair of $1000 shoes, or a weekend in vegas?

Friday, August 13, 2010

if you have free time... great!

if you dont...MAKE SOME!
and please check out the first issue of content mode.
below of a few of the shots that have some of my pieces...  very excited!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

man the weeds.

life has just begun again!  i am excited to announce that weeds is back on television.  I am curled up in bed right now, about to click over to the other screen to watch what i feel to be one of the most intense, exciting, and depressing shows that television has to offer!  the sort of programing that just makes you feel like you need to shower when you are done watching.  GOD I LOVE SHOWTIME!


why is weeds not a full 2 hrs!!!  urgh!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

my little black book...

I want to thank Kelly Johnstone at BlackBook magazine for this amazing interview!  It was super fun to sit down on the illegal lawn in union sq. and have a quick chitchat... and best of all, in addition the the blog post, there will be an article in the sept. issue as well!