Thursday, October 28, 2010

vintage brian stanziale

my computer has been moving at the slowest possible pace, so in an effort to speed things up, i started going through and deleting everything that i haven't used or seen in a while.  little did i know, all the great photos that i would come across of some of my older pieces.  this is one from a few years ago, and little miss lola wore this number on the lamest night of our ny existence.  this evening started out in the manhattan club zone up in the 20's, ie bed and guest house... and wound up with a walk to taco bell, and an impromptu photo shoot on 14th st.  
alls well that ends well!
love you lola.

Monday, October 11, 2010

thank you to friends.

in leu of sleeping, i decided to do a bit of fall cleaning on my computer, and was so delighted when i came across these photos.  this was one of the best days of late, and i really want to thank the amazing friends of mine that came together so that we could make some really magical and memorable moments...  
fare warning, if your phone rings and it has my number flashing across the i.d.  ...
i'm just saying.

photos : ben hertzog
most amazing models on earth: marcel castenmiller, myla dalbesio, weston ulfig, lola albright, mountain bear

my grandma is so chic.

is the ceremony of dressing dead?
i can remember the days when i was a little kid, watching my grandmother run from her bedroom closet, through the bedroom, and into the bathroom, where on the large counter, she had an assortment of clamps and colors and tweezers and brushes and earrings and necklaces and rings and you get the picture, all laid out in-front of her.  all the while, every move she made as traced in a silk shadow from her dressing gown.  i can still remember wondering up until the very last minute, the car is ready, the purse is properly packed, and larry is heading to the door, is she fully dressed?  is this long floor length, rose painted, burgundy and gold masterpiece your dress for the evening?!  no, it wasn't, it was just part of the dressing ceremony.  once everything was in place, and set, then the real dress came out.  but still, i cant help but think...  i still to this day cant remember a single gown she ever wore, but i remember every silk kaftan.
this is why dynasty has been so exciting...  i have started a new game, evening gown, or night gown.  they all look amazing!